Dr. Marco Capitanio
Italian dentist practicing in Torino/Turin

Parco Commerciale Dora - Via Treviso 24/G, 10144 Torino - Tel. +393471578802 - markapitanyo@libero.it

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Dental Beauty is the first dental office sited in a shopping mall within the city boundaries. It provides easy access to most people in town due to its strategic location and the many forms of public transport, the free parking inside the mall and next to the practice Ė you know how bad parking can be in Italy!

Besides top-standard sterilization other features of the practice provide me with the means to give my patients excellent dentistry, the best care for their health and a careful attention to their time and needs. These features include: Digital X-ray - with nearly 80% less radiation than standard X-rays I can take a very close look at the teeth and the surrounding structures with amazing accuracy. The system requires less radiation since the digital sensor is more sensitive to X-rays than ordinary films;

Operating optical microscope - delicately restorative and cosmetic dental procedures are greatly enhanced by the use of dental microscope allowing me to rely on the expanded field of vision offered by magnification. Iíve been using U.S.-made magnifying optics (3.2x) since the early days of my career but magnification by microscope rockets you to other planets as it ranges from 3x to 20x! Tooth defects as decay and fractures are also more visible under the scope;

Rotary endodontics - this is the way to perform the root canal utilizing a specific electric handpiece. This tool often makes the process faster and allows me to perform the treatment with greater ease;

Invisible orthodontics;

Professional whitening;

Panoramic X-ray: you can have the panoramic right away and donít have to leave the practice to go some other office to have the panoramic done since thereís a orthopantogram (or panorex) device on site;

Saturdays: as some patients find it hard to schedule their appointment during the week Iím available on Saturday.