Dr. Marco Capitanio
Italian dentist practicing in Torino/Turin

Parco Commerciale Dora - Via Treviso 24/G, 10144 Torino - Tel. +393471578802 - markapitanyo@libero.it

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Iím proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available. It is one of my top priorities to protect the well-being of my valued patients. For this reason the practice meets and surpasses all the standards you will see in most practices not only in Italy. The attention put into sterilization and hygiene is witnessed by the huge portion of the office which is dedicated to the specific purpose of granting sterilization of every mechanical and manual tool used for any treatment. Several tests are performed daily, weekly and monthly to test the accuracy of sterilization. Track of the whole procedure is kept to verify that every envelope goes through the right line of sterilization. each hand piece is sterilized after every use and comes in an envelope with tracking of the sterilization procedure and is opened right in front of the patient! sterilization